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Benefit with us

Benefits with Trimantra

Choosing Trimantra as your Software development partner allows you to save on costs in these areas: IT infrastructure, IT staff recruitment, training, administration and taxation.

Key Cost Factors.

No Infrastructure Cost

By using Trimantra, you will not need to invest in infrastructure such as buildings, internet, furniture, computers etc. At Trimantra, we have the capacity to manage an IT development staff for you within a first class infrastructure and with the possibility of increasing the team strength. Thus, you are not required to pay any cost for infrastructure development.

No IT Staffing Costs

We have a dedicated and qualified team of HR staff to hire talented staff for your Software Development at Trimantra. You are not required to pay any cost for recruitment. We also maintain a pool of talented and skilled professionals whom we can deploy as your IT development staff on an immediate basis.

No Training Costs

To enhance the skills set and performance of IT development staff, we have highly qualified and experienced in-house IT professionals who provide on-the-job training. With Trimantra you are not required to pay any additional training costs.

No Administration Cost

For day to day activities like general administration, maintenance, salary, accounting, taxation, banking, we have a dedicated team of administration staff that allow you to focus only on your business goal. With Trimantra, you are not required to pay any additional costs for administration.

Worry about infrastructure costs, administration, training and recruitment can be tedious and time consuming and prevents you from focusing on the expansion of your business. With Trimantra, you do not have to worry about these costs. You are free to concentrate on business expansion and profitability.

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