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Quality Assurance Process

We take care to provide best quality software in balance with the three dimensions i.e. Scope, Time and Cost.

Testing Approach

Functional Testing

We ensure that software functions exactly according to the software requirement specification.

Regression Testing

We ensure that the behaviour of the software remains consistent in a changing environment which ensures reliability and scalability.

Exception or Negative Testing

We ensure that the software behaves perfectly in uncommon conditions by inputting errors into the system.

Performance Testing

We ensure the run-time performance of software within the context.

Platform Compatibility Testing

We ensure that the software runs smoothly for popular browsers: OS, Web/Application servers, database servers etc.

Usability Testing

We ensure that the software is user-friendly.

Installation Testing

We ensure that the installer of the software works accurately and is user friendly.

Testing Strategy

Unit Testing

To tests each unit (i.e., component) of the software as implemented in source code. Unit testing makes heavy use of white-box testing techniques, exercising specific paths in a module's control structure to ensure complete coverage and maximum error detection.

Integration testing

Tests design and construction of software architecture. Integration testing addresses the issues associated with the dual problems of verification and program construction.

Validation Testing

Validates the software against the requirements established by the software analysis.

Validation testing provides final assurance that the software meets all functional, behavioral and performance requirements.

System Testing

Tests software and other system elements as a whole. System testing verifies that all elements mesh properly and that overall system function/performance is achieved. The following are the methods of quality assurance deployed within system testing.

  • Recovery Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Performance Testing
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