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Facebook Application Development

Facebook Application Development

With more than 1100 million active users (March 2013), Facebook is indisputably one of the very best ways for businesses to connect with their target audience. Facebook is now almost ubiquitous amongst Internet users. Most online populations have an account and so it is not surprising that our clients frequently ask us for Facebook application development.

Facebook Solutions

  • Custom Facebook page
  • Facebook Application Development
  • Facebook API Integration
  • Content Management System for fanpage
  • Facebook campaign management
  • Facebook Survey Application
  • Custom Facebook Application


  • Facebook API
  • Graph API
  • Open Graph API
  • Face Insights API
  • Facebook Advertising API

Why a Facebook Fanpage

More than 1100 million users on Facebook (March 31, 2013)

The average user spends 55 minutes on Facebook every day

Facebook is available in 70 different languages.

This is the primary reason why you need to have a Facebook fan page. If you want to market a brand effectively, then you are advised to use social media. Why? You can use your own company name, your own logo and match the color scheme with that of your blog and so a custom Facebook page becomes a powerful technique for branding your blog or business.
You can send updates to those who are a part of your Facebook community. It’s a great way to send important announcements, relay product information etc. to your Facebook fan base.
The greatest advantage to having a custom Facebook page is that your posts may go viral. Whenever you make an update on your page, the Facebook feed catches it. Your fans see it and can ‘like’ it and put it on their own walls. Their friends then see your post and if they ‘like’ it, their friends in turn will see it. As you can see, with Facebook you have the potential to reach a whole new audience.

Your fan page can get indexed in Google. While most parts of Facebook is login protected against search engine spiders, fan pages are not. So if your Facebook fan page has keywords that match, there is a high probability that your Facebook fan page may turn up in search engine results. Since it is indexed by search engines, people can look at your entire fan page even if they are not members of Facebook. They will be asked to sign up when they want to become a fan.

Your fan page contains a link to your blog or site and so you get a free link from one of the highest ranked websites in the world. You really cannot ask for more! Of course, the catch is that you cannot use an anchor text in your link – but that does not matter.

Facebook does not limit the number of users who can become a part of your fan base. Personal profiles, however, do have a limit of 5000 friends. For genuine profiles, 5000 is more than enough but if you are violating the Facebook TOS to promote your blog/business using a personal profile, then you may run over the limit. This is why you should use a Facebook fan page to promote your business.

It is quite simple to promote your Facebook fan page, blog or website using a Facebook widget. You won’t have to go out of your way to tell everyone to join your fan page.

Facebook has a feature called Insights that allows you to track your fan base demographics by gender, age, location and even language. You can also track comments that have received the most interaction. This allows you to continue to provide content that will engage your target audience.

It is a known fact that response rates to videos are much higher compared to texts. The use of videos on your fan page will improve the quality of your fans’ experience and so keep them coming back.

Facebook allows the end user to upload videos, photos and audio files for FREE. Essentially this means that you do not have to worry about your web host charging you for more bandwidth if your video goes viral and gets 700,000 views in a month.

You can use Facebook Events to advertise happenings within your business to your fan base to gain more exposure.

Facebook Application Development Expertise

Our experienced Facebook developers cover the following services using the Facebook platform:

  • Development of custom Facebook page
  • Facebook Tab
  • Fangate page or like gate or like page
  • Content management system for Fanpage
  • Custom application under facebook
  • Auto posting, Schedule wall posting
  • Sweepstakes/ Promo management
  • Contact us page
  • User registration page
  • Facebook API integration - Graph API - Open Graph API - Face Insights API - Facebook Advertising API

why us

Why Trimantra
  • Our Facebook developer team expert in Facebook Application Development, custom Facebook page, Facebook Tab, Content Management System for Fan page, Schedule wall posting, Sweepstakes/ Promo management and other custom facebook application development.
  • We have a highly experienced team of Professional Facebook Application Developers ready to boost your business up by creating custom Facebook pages and Facebook tabs.
  • We have spent over 10,000 man hours developing various custom Facebook applications for our clients in order to design those that create and launch pages without the need for further technical expertise or Facebook programmers.
  • We have successfully executed several Facebook Application Development projects. Please review our portfolio for examples.

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