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What is the Offshore Development Center?

The Offshore Development Center is a strategic business unit (SBU) that acts as a subsidiary or isolated department of the parent company. Facilities such as infrastructure, skilled IT professionals (offshore IT development teams etc.) are readily available at a lower cost, thus consistently increasing and maintaining profitability as the business grows.

Why offshore software development?

The biggest challenge for the entrepreneur is to expand their business whilst simultaneously making a consistent profit. To keep your business growing, you will need to beat the monsters of competition, recession, niche market demand and, last but not least, the growing cost of employment and infrastructure, especially for technical staff.

To acquire and retain talented staff is as difficult as getting new clients. Sometimes, you are forced to pay high salaries to retain your existing employees which may hamper the profitability of your organization.

Furthermore, as your business grows, you will need to enhance your existing infrastructure which will eat into your profit and may affect your cash flow. Of course, you may get ROI (return on investment) but your profits and growth will be uncertain during this risky phase.

So what strategy does Trimantra follow that will mitigate the above risks and simultaneously increase your profit without you needing to do any major restructuring in your business practice?

An answer of above dilemma is to establish an Offshore Development Center with Trimantra and hire offshore developers for various offshore IT development services like web development and application development to mitigate your employment risk and increase profitability.

Our Offshore Development Center helps you to hire offshore developers for various IT services like web development and application development and so mitigates your employment risks and increases your profitability.

Benefits with Trimantra

By choosing Trimantra as your offshore development partner in India, you will save enormously on costs.

Key Cost Factors.

No Infrastructure Cost

By using Trimantra, you will not need to invest in infrastructure such as buildings, internet, furniture, computers etc. At Trimantra, we have the capacity to manage an offshore IT development staff for you within a first class infrastructure and with the possibility of increasing the team strength. Thus, you are not required to pay any cost for infrastructure development.

No IT Staffing Costs

We have a dedicated and qualified team of HR staff to hire talented staff for your IT development at Trimantra. You are not required to pay any cost for recruitment. We also maintain a pool of talented and skilled professionals whom we can deploy as your offshore IT development staff on an immediate basis.

No Training Costs

To enhance the skills set and performance of offshore IT development staff, we have highly qualified and experienced in-house IT professionals who provide on-the-job training. With Trimantra you are not required to pay any additional training costs.

No Administration Cost

For day to day activities like general administration, maintenance, salary, accounting, taxation, banking, we have a dedicated team of administration staff that allow you to focus only on your business goal. With Trimantra, you are not required to pay any additional costs for administration.

Worry about infrastructure costs, administration, training and recruitment can be tedious and time consuming and prevents you from focusing on the expansion of your business. With Trimantra, you do not have to worry about these costs. You are free to concentrate on business expansion and profitability.

Key Responsibility Area (KRA) of Trimantra

We have divided our operation activities into two main areas for ease of operations and alignment with your business goals.


  • Development of software requirement specification(SRS)
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Project feasibility study (Research work, develop prototype)
  • Project Management
  • System Architecture Development
  • Database Design / GUI Design
  • Development / Coding
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Implementation/ Deployment
  • Technical Support


  • Infrastructure
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • General administration


Here is a detailed description of the process of setting up an Offshore Software Development Center with us:

  • In-depth deliberation of your business goal, time frame and man-power requirement
  • To judge our capability, we offer a pilot period of five days with some members of our team
  • To maintain transparency and confidence, an interactive session with the offshore IT development team will be facilitated using Skype video call conference. We can arrange an open interview session with a team member before hiring.
  • Submission of detailed proposal followed by signing of the agreement upon the successful completion of the pilot period
  • Recruitment of specific talent if required and/or development of existing resources and further training if necessary
  • Renewal of agreement in case of extension
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